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On our daily operational, we have branches located in 7 major cities of Indonesia. Each branch is equip with dry and frozen warehouse along with its own trasnport feet to make sure all products have consistent quality and reliable supply to our customers.

Other than that, we support by 23 agents in all over Indonesia.

Jakarta Branch   Bandung Branch

Jl. Jatiraya Blok J.1 No. 10B
Komplek Newton Techno Park
Lippo Cikarang - Bekasi
Tel:  (62) 21 89906002
Fax: (62) 21 89906618


Jl. Batununggal Indah II No. 81
Bandung 40266
West Java - Indonesia
Tel:   (62) 22 7513086/7513022/30178474
Fax:  (62) 21 73911145

Bali Branch    Semarang Branch

Jl. Gatot Subroto Barat 170X
Denpasar 80117
Bali - Indonesia
Tel:  (62) 361 430407/430409/3090833
Fax: (62) 361 430406


Jl. Semarang Tugu Km. 9,8
Semarang 50185
Central Java - Indonesia
Tel:  (62) 24 8663415/8663416
Fax: (62) 24 8663417

Malang Branch    Sidoarjo Branch

Jl. Werkudoro No. 11-A
Malang 65121
East Java - Indonesia
Tel:  (62) 341 353430
Fax: (62) 341 353430


Jl. Jenggolo II / 17
Sidoarjo 61219
East Java - Indonesia
Tel:  (62) 31 8921036
Fax: (62) 31 8941244

Yogyakarta Branch  

Jl. Wonosari Km. 6
Bangutapan, Bantul,
Yogyakarta - Indonesia
Tel:  (62) 274 8000 300
Fax: (62) 274 443 152


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